Hola hombres,

We're back with another mind-fryer: Copenhagen fuzzlords Mythic Sunship cranks out an LP that's pretty guaranteed to make a lot of you smile - preorder up now, limited to 500!

Mythic Sunship: Ouroboros
18,00 €

Hola everyone,

Today is the official release of Causa Sui's Return To Sky - we've finished shipping all orders (there were A LOT). THAAAAANKS for all the orders, guys! You rule!

Jakob Skøtt: All The Colours Of The Dust
18,00 €

Hey everyone - the preorder is up and running:


There is a LIMITED EDITION OF 300 available!

Return to Sky LP + 10" containing two exclusive Causa Sui tracks - linoleum hand-printed cover in various colours and motifs by artist Martin Rude. Only available thru this site.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the weight of this package, you can add up to 4 more LPs to your package without paying additional postage!

Causa Sui: Return to Sky
18,00 €
Causa Sui: Summer Sessions
33,00 €
Okay, we've been really excited to finally share this gem with you, so pardon the news-flash nature of this newsletter:
It's here! The first track from the new Causa Sui album Return To Sky is out - check out the video for THE SOURCE
Also, we're having a small contest to get rid of the shirts we've been selling exclusively at gigs - at CAUSA SUI FACEBOOK
Nicklas Sørensen: Solo
18,00 €
Brian Ellis LP bundle
32,00 €