Brian Ellis releases

There's a number of absolutely amazing heavy psych-, fusion- and prog-bands ripping it up in San Diego County these days. At the center of all this is Escondido native Brian Ellis (Astra, Psicomagia and others), a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and visionary.

Shiggajon Sela LP

We're back with the first of a few new names on the roster: Shiggajon. Sela is a full length LP of droned out commune vibes - read the full description below or just head over to snag the LP


Building a new site

The new site is online - we've focused on the shop and migrating the coupon codes in the LPs. The rest is to follow: Artist profiles, videos, etc as well as some extended features further down the road such as FLAC-downloads. Be patient and watch it grow! Thanks for your support!


New site

Hello world!

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