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Artist: Jonas Munk
Title: Absorb/Fabric/Cascade

Cat. Number: EPR024
Formats: LP/Digital Download (LP limited to 500 copies, coloured vinyl)
Release date: March 2, 2015
Distributed by: Cargo Records / Forced Exposure (US)

Second solo LP from Causa Sui guitar player/producer Jonas Munk. These three long pieces aren't defined by Munks signature guitar-approach, but is rather a musical vision of vintage synthesizers, organs, piano and analog electronics elegantly weaved together to create extensive formations of pure sound. The harmonic simplicity and unrestricted dedication to sonic balance and texture is something of a first in Munk's body of work. This is pattern music, characterized by slow builds and subtle, but refined, transformations, where gradual tectonic shifts and tiny harmonic gestures generate vivid emotional responses. Instead of imposing any direct intention or meaning, it's an album that can create a mental environment for the listener to expand and open up into.

Absorb, taking up the entire A-side, is a piece of meticulous balance, structured from techniques recalling the classical minimalists: soft-glowing analog synthesizer patterns in perpetual motion, creating new harmonic content as each bar progresses. Gradually, randomized modular effects are introduced as well as layers of white noise and detuned, heavily tube-overdriven guitar drones, slowly bathing the piece in warmly filtered fuzz.

The B-side opens with two identical organ lines played against each other. After a few minutes the organs lock into a an effortless flow, gently rolling towards a pastoral peak several minutes later, where piano and various layers of electronics enters the soundscape, recalling the blissed-out spiritualism of Alice Coltrane or Popol Vuh.

The album's last track, Cascade, opens peacefully but soon enough crosses into multi-textural self-oscillating psychedelia – related in spirit to Munk's previous solo album, Pan, released in 2012. Gradually the intertwined layers of sound rises to enormous billows of sonic saturation, where each drone harmonizes against layers of distorted pulses.

Music like this is perceived as incredibly simple and free flowing, but, as is the case with the biological world, reveals textural minutiae and interweaved intricacy once studied close-up. Every tiny detail serves the bigger picture. It's music that's practically vibrating with possibility.

File next to: Terry Riley, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Brian Eno, Popol Vuh.

Electronic press kit (including mp3's):
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Jonas Munk LP

Jonas drops a new LP march 2nd - preorder it here, includes ARTPRINTS, stickers, digital download card - orange vinyl is limited to 500. Also available as a sweet combo-deal with PAN.

Causa Sui 10" track

Here's something to feast on as 2014 winds out: one of the jams from Causa Sui's super limited double-A-sided 10" released in fall - a fuzzed out, wigged out slice of free rock.

Only 300 copies made. All of them with handprinted sleeves designed and printed by Martin Rude.

Taurus Rising video + Full album stream

Passive Agressive has done an awesome writeup (in danish) of Taurus Rising.

They also have a full album stream up.

... and ofcourse there's this video - feat. exploding nazi heads, giant monsters and portals to other dimensions - pretty much your average day here at El Paraiso headquaters...

Jakob Skøtt: Taurus Rising

Jakob Skøtt releases his 2nd album in 2014 on december 8th - preorder it here:

Taurus Rising is built from motoric synthesizer arpeggios and heavy duty live drumming. But rather than simply worshipping endless repetition, Skøtt reaches an impressive array of expressions on each of these five mini epics - each song is ALIVE - frequently whirling off track like the wind direction in a sand storm, leading to some mind-altering melodies and rhythms that’ll keep you on your toes. Washed currents of pulsating analogue synthesizer scores, pre-fusion jazz-sensibility and fuzz’ed out electronics all tied together by fevered rhythms.

Taurus Rising is released as a single LP as well as a 2xCD package also containing his previous album Amor Fati. All drums for each albums were improvised in a single afternoon:

Furthermore, Papir will soon release their soaring set from this year's Roadburn festival - Causa Sui's Jonas Munk is mastering the tracks as we speak, and we can tell you now: It's an absolute blast. Besides that we've got 2 more full length releases almost ready which will expand the perspective on everything that's El Paraiso, as well as some sweet extras, so keep your eyes peeled these next couple of months.

Pewt'r Extras

Preorders will ship early september. Since this was supposed to come out aug. 18th, we'll be including a poster + sticker for every LP order placed at - thanks for your patience!

Also, stream the whole B-side here:

Pewt'r Sessions 3 preorder

The new sessions with Causa Sui and Ron Schneiderman is available for preorder now - UPDATE: Ships early september.

First 1000 LPs are orange marbled vinyl. And as a very special treat, the first 300 orders from gets bonus 10" vinyl with exclusive tracks - with stunning linoleum hand printed sleeves by Martin Rude in three variations. Update: Sold out

Pewt'r Sessions 1-2 are also back in print on 2xCD and 2xLP

Causa Sui: Pewt'r Sessions 3 teaser

Causa Sui: Pewt'r Sessions 3 will be released August 18th! Very special preorder from our shop will be up in a week or so - meanwhile enjoy this teaser

Papir: Stundum back in print!

Papir: Stundum is back in print - in a heavy sleeved CD lancing pack + 2xLP vinyl format - vinyl includes digital download card!


While everyone else was standing in line sweating and swearing to get vinyl printed for Record Store Day, we got some CDs printed - Papir's albums III + IIII available for the first time in an all new CD only combo packaging.

More reprints coming soon


This weekend has some exciting gigs coming up:
Causa Sui is playing Desert Fest Berlin, Friday April 25th
Papir is playing Copenhagen Psych Fest, Thursday April 24th

In a few months, Causa Sui will return to Duna Jam. We can't give out any specifics into when and where, so if you're interested you have to get in touch thru

"DUNAJAM is not a festival. Imagin a birthday party, that's how it works. Or something like a mix between a picnic and a pilgrimage, if you want to be invited send an e-mail to dunajam [AT] The waiting list is quite long since this can't be done with more than 150 people so that's the limit, therefore be prepared to wait quite a bit before you will get an answer."

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