Rob Mazurek's Black Cube Marriage
EL PARAISO | 06 April
Hey everyone! This one's very exciting for us: Ever since the first Chicago Underground Duo LP, we've been massive fans of Rob Mazurek - so we're happy to bring his latest project into the fold - get the LP here or read the long form below. Limited to 500 LPs. Remember that Mythic Sunship also
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Mythic Sunship: Land Between Rivers
EL PARAISO | 16 March
Hey everyone! Mythic Sunship has a treat for you! Extra heavy smoked out sprawled out stuff! NOT to be missed! Out April 29th, but ready to order now at the shop: On their 2nd album on El Paraiso, Copenhagen quartet Mythic Sunship drives even thicker grooves into their niche of extended cave
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Shipping early!
EL PARAISO | 10 March
So we're shipping these early! The limited 10" is long gone, but the boxset itself is still available - just 1000 made. And it looks KILLER!
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Preorder ships May 12
Black Cube Marriage: Astral Cube
18,00 €
Preorder ships april 28
Mythic Sunship: Land Between Rivers PREORDER
18,00 €
Causa Sui: Live in Copenhagen
50,00 €
Videodrones: Mondo Ferox LP
20,00 €
Monarch: Two Isles
20,00 €
Landing: Third Sight
18,00 €
Mythic Sunship: Ouroboros
18,00 €
Jakob Skøtt: All The Colours Of The Dust
18,00 €


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