Pewt'r Extras

Preorders will ship early september. Since this was supposed to come out aug. 18th, we'll be including a poster + sticker for every LP order placed at - thanks for your patience!

Also, stream the whole B-side here:

Pewt'r Sessions 3 preorder

The new sessions with Causa Sui and Ron Schneiderman is available for preorder now - UPDATE: Ships early september.

First 1000 LPs are orange marbled vinyl. And as a very special treat, the first 300 orders from gets bonus 10" vinyl with exclusive tracks - with stunning linoleum hand printed sleeves by Martin Rude in three variations. Update: Sold out

Pewt'r Sessions 1-2 are also back in print on 2xCD and 2xLP

Causa Sui: Pewt'r Sessions 3 teaser

Causa Sui: Pewt'r Sessions 3 will be released August 18th! Very special preorder from our shop will be up in a week or so - meanwhile enjoy this teaser

Papir: Stundum back in print!

Papir: Stundum is back in print - in a heavy sleeved CD lancing pack + 2xLP vinyl format - vinyl includes digital download card!


While everyone else was standing in line sweating and swearing to get vinyl printed for Record Store Day, we got some CDs printed - Papir's albums III + IIII available for the first time in an all new CD only combo packaging.

More reprints coming soon


This weekend has some exciting gigs coming up:
Causa Sui is playing Desert Fest Berlin, Friday April 25th
Papir is playing Copenhagen Psych Fest, Thursday April 24th

In a few months, Causa Sui will return to Duna Jam. We can't give out any specifics into when and where, so if you're interested you have to get in touch thru

"DUNAJAM is not a festival. Imagin a birthday party, that's how it works. Or something like a mix between a picnic and a pilgrimage, if you want to be invited send an e-mail to dunajam [AT] The waiting list is quite long since this can't be done with more than 150 people so that's the limit, therefore be prepared to wait quite a bit before you will get an answer."

Freak Valley - full album stream

Head over to The Obelisk for a sublime review + full album stream:

Causa Sui: Live at Freak Valley

Aloha everyone! Warmer weather just around the corner - meanwhile, here's some stuff to turn up that tropical vibe:

April 7th will see the release of Causa Sui: Live at Freak Valley! This full 90 minute Causa Sui set comes hot of the heels of last years acclaimed studio effort Euporie Tide, and is a condensed manifestation of the low-end heavy side of the band. This show presents the band in elemental quartet mode and features a wide palette of cuts from the entire catalog. From the band's signature cut ”El Paraiso” from their 2005 debut, through revamps of the more translucent Summer Sessions material, straight up to virgin jams, fresh from the rehearsal room.

This set serves as a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the bands distinctive take on instrumental psychedelic rock. And for the fans it's simply a must-have.

Mixed and mastered by Jonas Munk from multitrack recordings this set sounds as warm as crisp as any of the albums.

Preorders from El Paraiso includes a Freak Valley patch for the first 50 orders - every preorder from our shop gets an awesome limited A3 sized poster - plus random postcards, stickers, etc.

Jakob Skøtt: Amor Fati LP is officially out next week - in the meantime, you can listen to the whole album until the official release thru:

LIVE DATES this summer
Causa Sui is playing Desert Fest Berling + Duna Jam.
Papir is playing Freak Valley and Roadburn.

Rock out!

Jakob Skøtt: Amor Fati LP + Causa Sui T-shirt

Jakob Skøtt: Amor Fati LP SHIPS MARCH 17TH

Limited to 500 LPs with download card + additional extras when ordering thru this site.

Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skøtt returns with his 2nd full length in his own name. Taking the leap from his debut Doppler’s introvert kosmische synthesizer dronescapes diving into a full blown mad scientist one-band mode, Jakob straps on a wide array of heavy percussive modes to fuel his vivid utopia of analogue synths and drums. It’s one man’s vision as crazed and intoxicated as it is soothing and compelling, borrowing as many clues from afro-beat, latin-grooves and new age-ambience as it does from the booming legacy of krautrock. The proceedings are distanced from both coolness and kitsch, and a refreshing break from any standards.


New Causa Sui: Euporie Tide T-shirts only available thru our mailorder + Causa Sui live shows. "What shows? You never play anywhere!" Guess again - We'll play DESERT FEST BERLIN as well as DUNA JAM in 2014. If you can't make it we got a remedy for that also: in April we'll release our first ever live record Live at Freak Valley on 2 LP / 2 CD from that special show in a damp valley in Germany last year. Produced by Jonas Munk, as crisp sounding as any of the records.

Shirts are organic fairtrade cotton, silkscreened non-toxic print. First run of 100, so don't snooze.

We still got stickers - 13 for each order + oversized Impetus & Catalogue cards - so be quick and place a pre-order to get some extra goodies. We pack everything with care in double sided cardboard boxes.

Papir IIII extras

The only stimulus package you need - when ordering from this site: Papir IIII LP + 13 stickers + Impetus card + Catalogue card:



We’ve been busy and got tons of tales to tell, so straight on to it:

PAPIR release new album in less than a month - pre-orders up now at:

Papir has the unique ability to transform heavy, psychedelic music into something fresh. Sure, Papir knows their kraut- and progrock history, but unlike the majority of bands in the present day psych-rock scene they venture far beyond mere pastiche. By now the bands concerts have become awe-inducing experiences, earning them slots at major European festivals including Roskilde (2012), and Roadburn (2014).

It's stunning to witness how Papir pull numerous influences together with natural ease in these three lengthy excursions. It sounds inspired.

Not only is Papir IIII heavier than previous their efforts, it seems more lush and atmospheric as well. It is the sound of a band fulfilling its potential. Onwards and upwards.

But don’t just take out word for it - check out the awe-introducing force of the opening track Papir.IIII.I:

We’re amazed to bring you this centerpiece exactly one year since the revered III was release - the album that really put Papir on the map. We had to reprint it a few months later, so grab that while you’re at it:

Papir IIII is available as LP including mp3 download card - packed in a heavy duty recycled sleeve. Every order of this album from the El Paraiso shop gets a sheet of limited El Paraiso stickers! As well as an oversized heavy duty catalogue card. All our orders are packed in sturdy double sided cardboard boxes.

The following months will bring a new solo album by Jakob Skøtt - Taking the leap from his debut Doppler’s introvert kosmische synthesizer dronescapes diving into a full blown mad scientist one-band mode, Jakob straps on a wide array of heavy percussive modes to fuel his vivid utopia of analogue synths and drums. It’s one man’s vision as crazed and wiggied as it is soothing and compelling.

Also to come this spring is Causa Sui: Live at Freak Valley! Full 90 minute set produced by Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk, this one will have your eyes and ears popping out. We’re thrilled to finally get a live record out, and that summer show at midnight in a damp valley in Germany simply had everything click.

More on these new releases in a little while! Meanwhile, turn up the heat, grab a cold one, crank it up and get that El Paraiso-vibe going!

Team El Paraiso

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